Zurich, Trains and Cultural Travel on a Budget

If you’ve never been to Zurich, Switzerland, but would like to experience the city on a shoestring budget, there are ways to go without cleaning out your wallet.Zurich is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and also one of the most expensive. $20.00 seems to be like a $1.00 in Zurich, and money goes quickly. There are ways, however, to get around without spending a fortune. You simply need to know the best ways to get around. The trains in Zurich are the best form of travel. Zurich, Trains and cultural travel on a budget are packaged with the same precision as Swiss watches long ago. In a recent article on CNN’s website, the steps for gettting around Zurich are simplified.

Zurich recently overtook Tokyo to become the world’s most expensive city, according to the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey. To mitigate those expenses, even those on a flying visit will likely find it worthwhile buying a ZurichCARD, which can be bought at the service center at the airport or the railway station.

The card, which costs 20 CHF ($21.60) for a 24-hour option, offers free travel on the city’s comprehensive public transport network of trains, trams, buses and boats, free admission to museums, and significant discounts on guided tours and other attractions.


Zurich - Photo by the MadGeographer


The trains in Zurich are not only efficient, they are also quiet, and extremely clean. The Art Museum, Architecture, and food are reasons to designate Zurich as a destination for travel, and if you are on an extreme budget, you can see Zurich in a day and travel out for affordable accommodations. The Swiss National Museum and the Kunsthaus Museum are worth a trip, and the price of admission is included in the Zurich Card. The public transportation will take you wherever you wish to go. Zurich, trains and cultural travel on a budget are yours to explore. There is no time like the present to make a decision to go to Zurich. Read the whole article on CNN’s website here.


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