When on a Cultural Journey, Go Local, Go Local

Often, people will go on a cultural trip, and never even visit a local market. There, you will find the most exotic fruits and vegetables indigenous to the culture, as well as to meet local people who will tell you the wildest dishes you can make with the fruits of vegetables that you’ve never seen before. Many travellers are afraid to visit local markets due to not knowing the language or some other obstacle. Some of the most important memories of a cultural vacation can be had a the local markets that exist in every culture. Food is an item that can give you real clues as to what people love, and what is prolific within a geographical area.

Jessica Festa says: ” In terms of cuisine, markets offer fresh healthy, foods that are usually cheaper and more flavorful than anything you’ll get at a supermarket. And the handicrafts, housewares, and clothing that are offered are usually authentic and locally-made.”

You can read more here about visiting local markets.

No matter where you are in the world, the next time you take a cultural trip to a different part of the world, take some time to survey the culture by visiting the street markets and vendors around the world. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll learn more about the people than you ever would in a tourist restaurant. You’ll learn how to pronounce the names of exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as to engage in an exchange with the person selling you the fruit of vegetable. This makes a cultural trip an experience that shapes your memory, and gives it depth and dimension.




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