Wales, The Cultural Traveler’s Dream…

As an Artist, there are few places on the earth that have the variances of color, texture, diversity of topography and beauty that Wales has. Wales, is the cultural traveler’s dream land. Wales occupies a part of the United Kingdom, and is distinct in many ways. Human beings have inhabited Wales for 10′s of thousands of years. As a place, Wales is an anchor to time itself. What is interesting is that the people from Wales seem to have a quality of timelessness. Have you ever met anyone from Wales? The people that I have met from Wales have a distinctive quality that is rooted in time and place. Here is a visual journey of Wales:



You don’t hear much about Wales, and yet, it is a cultural traveler’s dream. For the artist, or poet, or creative spirit, Wales offers the inexplicable visual treasures that occur in a moment. The colors, sunrises, textures, and complete high contrast of sky and sea, are enough to take your breath away. What are you waiting for? Make those reservations now.


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