Visionaries, Healers and Cultural Travelers

It takes a lot of courage to be “outside of the flock” and to live the life that embraces authenticity to what one knows to be true. This is particularly true in the west, where speed and technology supersede our need to belong to ourselves and the world. To be a visionary is to be different from others in the way of seeing, sensing and awareness. To live in that place of difference, means living outside of a social comfort zone that 95% of the western world abides in.  The visionaries, healers, and cultural travelers who hold story, ritual and cultural belonging at the forefront, are my heros in the world. Story may come through the material objects that are made within cultures, or it may come through medicine and healing, or through the facilitation of cultural understanding and the threads that hold us all together as human beings. This post is dedicated to three of my heros that are Visionaries, Healers and Cultural Travelers.

The first hero is Lewis Madrona. Dr. Madrona is a physician who has written many books on Narrative Medicine and healing.  His background includes growing up with a Cherokee Grandmother, and learning traditional ways of healing, as well as being trained at Stanford as a medical physician.  “Healing” is one of those words that is outside of the world of western medicine as we know it today, and yet, is a word that is integrally a part of traditional cultures around the world. Dr. Madrona is my hero because he lives a life that borders the two worlds of “western medicine” and “healing,” which in my estimation is a much more expansive place, but a difficult place for one to occupy.  Madrona uses story as a way to reflect to his patients, a different way contextualizing their illness, or rather bringing a different awareness to what might be key in their understanding of their illness. Madrona is an excellent writer, and for starters, you might want to get “Narrative Medicine.” Here is a link to Lewis Madrona’s web site.

My second heroine is Charlotte Hunter, a friend and colleague who has been traveling to Tanzania for the past 10 years to assist and support the sustainability of 4 schools for children. Charlotte has a non profit organization called “Pocketful of Joy” which raises funds each year for the sustainability of these schools. Some of the projects include, building cisterns for the collection of water that support gardens that the children maintain. Hunter and her colleagues in Tanzania feed, and clothe the children with uniforms that are made at the schools. Projects are numerous, and yet very focused. Charlotte Hunter is writing a book about her life and experiences with these children in Tanzania. You can visit Pocketful of Joy’s website here.

My third choice is Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, who is my hero in the ethers. Rael, who wrote several books, “Being in Vibration” is one of my favorites, is an Ute Pueblo Visionary who visioned sound chambers all over the world where people could go and chant the vowel sounds each sunday within these chambers, for healing of the earth and for the people of the earth. There are 57 of these chambers around the world, and one of the most powerful ones is in Swannanoa, NC, near where I live. Rael is a mystic, a healer, and a visionary. Here is a video of him speaking.



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