Traveling Alone? Tips for Women

Are you a woman who likes traveling alone? Tips for women traveling doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. There are tips all over the internet, plus free seminars for solo women travelers. Some of my favorite trips have been solo, and there is no reason to fear being the explorer without a group. In fact, groups can get in the way of discovering new places, people, and local culture. In an article in the Sacramento Chronicle, there are tips for women traveling solo, and it’s free.

Join us at the Sacramento Hostel for a free travel education workshop specifically designed for women traveling solo.

Our travel education workshops offer tips on research and planning, budgeting, packing light, and saving money, in addition to ideas and advice in line with the workshop’s specific focus — all with the hope that you’ll go on to explore the world with an open mind, cultural sensitivity, and environmental awareness. This workshop is delivered by local travel expert Megan Seelie.

Hostels are a great solution for where to stay as a solo traveler. So, if you’re traveling alone, check out some tips for women travelers.

Pigeon Point Youth Hostel- Photo by Davefoo

For women, solo travel brings its own set of joys and challenges. It can be an extraordinary experience, to go where you want when you want and meet new people along the way. Many women who have traveled alone describe an incredible sense of freedom and possibility. But there are also the challenges, ranging from loneliness to safety, making solo travel daunting enough that many women never attempt it.

Traveling alone can be a great joy for women and there are tips all over the internet. Go here to the SanFrancisco Chronicle. Here are some other tips for women traveling solo.


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