Travel, Write, Eat

Ok, so maybe you have not found the perfect job, or your life’s passion. But what if traveling around the world is part of the equation of what you love to do? There are many people who love to travel, write, and well….eat. What if you could get paid to do these things and go to different cultures around the world? Many people do, it is just a matter of learning the craft of writing, and doing lots of it.

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The writer’s pay includes travel and food costs plus hotel stay. The key to succeed in this business is to sharpen your skills by writing daily. You also need to be observant and detail-oriented when describing different kinds of scenery and conducting research. How much a travel writer can make really depends on the effort and time they put into their profession. Professional travel writers usually make an annual salary of around $35,000 to $65,000.

You don’t have to be a genius writer to travel the world and write about what you see. Instead, you can galvanize your efforts and  passions to document the sensory experiences of a culture and to share them through articles, photographs, reviews, and other cultural travel publications. Why not start now? More on this topic?


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