Travel Culture is a New Paradigm

There are many new paradigms emerging in 2012. One of the paradigm shifts is the way in which people travel and experience the world in other cultures. Cultural travel is changing to include a wider population around the world. People today want meaningful experiences when traveling rather than having an experience provided for them. Cultural tourism is a way to experience the world by immersing yourself into the ways in which other cultures grow food, eat, live and celebrate  life. As an example, one could travel to Bali and stay in a luxury hotel, and never go out to experience culture, or, they could choose  to go to a cremation ceremony that is very specific to the Balinese culture. They could choose to go to a temple ceremony or to roam the side streets and see preparations for wedding ceremonies and other events in which the whole community comes together to create something magical.

To experience ceremonies and events that mark life’s passages in another culture, is truly a meaningful experience that changes one’s perception of the world that they live in.  In 1994, I found myself in a distant part of Tana Toraja, Sulewesi on a self guided textile exploration of culture travel. There, I discovered the most amazing death ceremony  and was able to experience a 4 day funeral ceremony that included the sacrifice of many buffalo. This lead me to read about the beliefs of the Tana Toraja culture, and then to look at their architecture, which also tied in with their beliefs. Travel culture is a new paradigm shift of a culture of people who no longer want to be herded along like cattle to the next tour bus. Instead, when one enters the travel culture, they are agreeing to risk being a bit out of their comfort zone to meet, be with, and immerse themselves  in a new culture.

coffin Sulawesi Indonesia

Boat Shaped Coffin in Tana Toraja Sulawesi, Indonesia


The new travel culture likes travel that is memorable and that gives a unique view from inside a culture rather than viewing people from the outside looking in. The boat shaped coffin above is a reflection of not only the beliefs around death and dying in Tana Toraja. It also reflects the prow shaped houses of the people in Tana Toraja. Why boat shaped houses? It is alleged that the earliest people to Sulawesi migrated down from Indochina and carried their boats to the mountainous region of Tana Toraja. It is one thing to see the image of these houses, and the coffin above, and another to be a part of the new travel culture that will venture to this far away land. Perhaps you will be one of these adventurers. The today show is now featuring a new Eco and Cultural travel series on cultural travel.  Terry Bradshaw, the former football champion will be hosting the show.

Today, many Americans are seeking more meaningful travel experiences. From the eco adventure to the cultural excursion, they’re reaching far beyond their borders to encounter something significant.

Terry Bradshaw host of culture travel

Terry Bradshaw, host of the Today Show's new Cultural Travel and Eco Show



This new travel culture series will illuminate the new paradigm in the ways in which people wish to change their way to see the world. Expand your horizons and your perceptions, and become a person of the world. We, as humans need to address ways to bridge differences across the globe. One way to do this is to become a part of the travel culture that is emerging, rather than seeing the world from the sidelines. Read the full article about the Today Show here.



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