Tom Cruise in Iceland

Famous people and travel are interesting to those of us who adhere to holding movie stars, and musicians in  high regard. I often wonder where certain people are in the world, as famous people are known for being all over the world. Take Tom Cruise for example. Right now he is in Iceland. I can assure you, he didn’t get there by flying coach. What is Tom Cruise doing in Iceland? Just ask the Reykjvik grapevine.

Actor and noted Scientologist Tom Cruise is currently in Iceland for the filming of Oblivion, taking place in the northeast of the country.

Vísir reports that Cruise is staying at the Hótel Hilton in Reykjavík. He will remain in Reykjavík for a few days before moving his residence to Hrafnabjörg in Vaðlaheiði, near Akureyri, for the summer.

Tom Cruise-CC Commons-photo by Alan Light 1989

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman 1989- Photo by Alan Light CCCommons


I like to imagine Tom Cruise traveling all over the world in his jet. Personally, I find imagining Tom Cruise in Iceland far more appealing than the tabloid’s parade of his personal life. I loved the “Fourth of July” a movie that he shined ever so brightly. Best wishes to you Tom Cruise on your 50th birthday in Iceland. Read the whole article here.


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