Time Travel and Creative Futures

If you are thinking of some futuristic time travel for your next adventure, perhaps it is time to explore the latest in films that ignite possibilities. Creative endeavors that transport us to another place are the stuff of dreams, and you can contribute to one such dream by looking at  what one creative soul is doing in the realm of film projects.

US Army Photo 1947-1955


The story goes something like this. In the year 2036, a man calling himself John Titor was sent back in time to 1975 to retrieve pieces of a rare, early IBM computer for use in rebuilding an America that was decimated by nuclear war in 2015. Twenty-five years later, Titor began posting on the Internet about his experiences. And this absolutely happened. Or, at least, an Internet posting by someone using that name and offering that story happened.

You can travel forward, backward and just about anywhere in your imagination. It takes real creative genius to find ways to create a project and get it out there in the world. Perhaps we could create a culture of the future that travels in time……If you would like to see a trailer from this film, check it out here.


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