Tibet, a New Frontier

I travelled to Nepal in 1989, and witnessed the most extraordinary things. Tibet is a country with a rich history of ancient wisdom, beauty, and a foundation rooted in history that spands thousands and thousands of years. Dreaming of Tibet, and going to Tibet are two very different things. First, you might want to read Helena Blavatsky’s books which are a different perspective of Tibet. Blavatsky was a theosophist who lived in the late 1800′s and had experiences with the “Tibetan”. Too detailed to talk about, just read the books and you’ll get a real perspective of Tibet in the mid to late 1800′s. Tibet has been through great struggles, and remains a foundation for ancient Buddhism, and its early roots in the Bon tradition. If you are considering going to the far reaches of the most extraordinary mountains, try Tibet for rich cultural travelling experience full of the wonder that sparks the soul.


n the mid-1980s, the doors to Tibet was finally flung open for foreign tourists and the long dream of Tibet travel was eventually achieved, but arranging an authentic Tibet tour is still challenging and it only can be made by having a knowledgeable Tibetan travel agency and Tibetan guide who has the cultural background, nevertheless, restrictions of the Tibet travel for foreign travelers are unavoidable part of the challenge and travelers should have Tibet travel permit to travel into Tibet



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