Tibet, a Cultural Traveler’s Dreamland

The first time I witnessed the magnitude of the Himalayas, I looked outside of the airplane window to see the absolute splendor of Himalayas on even ground with the airplane. I thought I was hallucinating. How could mountains be so high? I imagined all of the brave souls who traversed those mountains, climbed them, and sacrificed their lives to them. Tibet is embedded in the Himalaya mountains. I have traveled to Nepal, but not to Tibet. This is a land that is a container for ancient history, place, wisdom and wonder. Tibet has been scarred by the Chinese, and continues to be brutalized by the politics of China. It is a land that is one of the last frontiers. Tibet is a cultural traveler’s dreamland. A new tour company offers ways in which you may see Tibet in the light that you so wish.

Tibet Travel Coop launched a new website that will make it easier for travelers to connect with sustainable, locally-owned Tibetan tour agencies. The site serves as a central hub for Tibetan-owned agencies, tour guides, cooks, drivers and other travel personnel. Through the website customers can contact the Coop’s marketing and sales office and arrange personalized Tibet trips.

One feature of the new website is a description of available Tibet trips, divided into three categories: spiritual journeys, cultural odysseys, and trekking adventures. The website also features a photo gallery and a blog for coop members and travelers to stay connected and share their experiences. The site contains contact information for the US-based sales team, and the Lhasa-based tour office that handles the travel operations.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2012/05/02/prweb9462794.DTL#ixzz1tlsDdIux

Tibetan prayer flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags


I have always been aligned with the textiles and cloth of different cultures. The prayer flags made of cloth and hung in the landscape as blessings to the earth and to sacred land, are reminders of the rich traditions that both originated, and still exist in places like Tibet. How often we forget places, history, and beliefs that are thousands of years old. Tibet, a cultural traveler’s dreamland. Let us remember Tibet. Read the whole article here.




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