Think Mediterranean, Think Cultural Cruise

There is one place on earth that has a bit of everything. Think Mediterranean, think cultural cruise, think beauty, history, culture, ancient artifacts and temples. The coast of Italy has all of these ingredients plus more. There are places like Malta and Sicily, Stromboli and Lipari, and lets not forget the Amalfi coast. If you’re considering going to this land of everything, it is best to do some planning and to pin point where you would like to go. A cultural cruise can be the answer to a hassle free trip.

The Mediterranean Sea’s abundant natural beauty is augmented by the on-shore sights and laid-back lifestyle of coastal villages and cities, and if you choose an Italy cruise that includes destinations like Malta and the islands of Sicily, Lipari and Stromboli, your experience in the region will be even richer. The opportunity to see a wide variety of places will give you a more well-rounded Mediterranean experience and a glimpse into the cultural diversity of the region.

Amalfi Coast, Italy- photo by Jensen

Amalfi Coast, Italy- photo by Jensen

Amalfi Coast- Photo by Edward Brims

Are you thinking of going on a Mediterranean Cruise? Think Amalfi Coast, think Mediterranean, think Cultural Cruise. There is no better time to go. It doesn’t get better than the Amalfi coastline. Read the full article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal here.


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