The Sun, Snow, and Harvesting of Energy

It is rare to hear of luxurious places  having the technology to harvest the sun’s energy to power a ski lift, but there are stories that inspire us to think differently about technology, travel and resources. There is technology being developed in Portland Maine that gathers energy from the ocean tides moving in and out, and solar panels in Switzerland that harness energy for the ski lifts.  In the Guardian, it says:

“Tenna, a small resort in east Switzerland, has unveiled one of the world’s first solar-powered ski lifts ( Around 80 solar panels are suspended above the lift, producing enough power to transport 800 skiers an hour.”

Imagine a ski lift that transports that many skiers with the energy of the sun. There are places all over the world embracing the vision of utilizing the Earth’s elements.  What about a cultural trip that goes to places that are using these new technologies to harness energy?

Solar powered ski slopes can change the relationship to travel. Read all about it here.


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