The Scope of Cultural Travel 2012

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Travelers are undeterred by high gas prices, but will economize by cutting down on entertainment and dining experiences.

“We see behaviors changing,” Sutherland says. “People are cutting back slightly on entertainment, dining, and also are looking to reduce the length of stay or go from a four diamond to three diamond, but we are not seeing a lot of people saying they won’t go at all; 53% of population stated that rising prices in gas won’t have impact on their vacation; those that said it would, making modifications in other ways.”

With the industry still clawing back to 2007 peak levels, before the onslaught of the Great Recession, last summer was viewed as the “return of the leisure traveler.” This year’s theme, the experts say, is about travelers, empowered with online tools, seeking value.

So what about cultural travelers?  Does the scope of cultural travel in 2012 mesh with other travelers? My view is that cultural travelers are a different breed. Cultural travelers gravitate to experiences that  are meaningful versus comfort or sheer entertainment. This is the cultural traveler’s quest. Finding meaning in another culture through food, rituals, beliefs, or the landscape is a cultural traveler’s dream. What do you think? Read the whole predition of travel for 2012 here.


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