The Rare Beauty of Kyrgyzstan

Cultural travel to far away places gives one an experience that becomes a memory gem. An experience is something that no one can take away from you. So why not explore the rare beauty of Kyrgyzstan? Let’s start with where Kyrghzstan is located. This is a map of Russia and surrounding territory.


So what’s so special about Kyrgzstan? The rare beauty of Kyrgzstan is a good place to begin. Here’s what the Lonely Planet has to say about Kyrgzstan:

Left high and dry by the collapse of the USSR, tiny Kyrgyzstan turned to tourism, creating a cutting edge network of community-based ecotourism ventures and homestays. A dozen adventures await the intrepid, from horse treks and yurt stays to eagle hunting and felt-making, safe in the knowledge that your tourist dollars are going straight to Kyrgyz families who need it most. Throw in some Silk Road bazaars, two spectacular mountain passes to Chinaand an instinctive local hospitality and most travellers agree that Kyrgyzstan is Central Asia’s ‘don’t miss’ destination.

My personal interest is in the people and the amazing textiles that they use day to day. An example of the older yurts can be seen in this image from 1842.
Yurt 1842 Kyrgyzstan

Yurt 1842 Kyrgyzstan


The rare beauty of Kyrgyzstan is enough to make you want to go there, but there is a rich cultural story that lives beneath the nomatic lifestyle and history of beliefs there. This culture’s story is embedded in the landscape, and their way of life reflects these beliefs. Go here to read more about Kyrgyzstan.


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