The Pennypincher way to Travel

Cultural travel is a blast when everything is in alignment. Your wallet is included in the equation of the alignment category. There are so many wonderful things to do in North America that are Free. Sometimes the cost of getting there is the biggest part of the expense. Take for example, the N.C. mountains. You can stay in a cabin like this one below very reasonably, and hike every day for free. The owner of this cabin is even offering a free night in addition to two other nights in Feb. and March.  The Appalachian mountains are just one of the many beautiful places in North America that come equipped with National Parks, local story and music, and historical architecture. If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative for the family get away this year, you can find a way to save and have the time of your life.

Asheville log home- visit                                                                                                                   February and March special 2012


Here are some more ideas from The Orlando Sentinel in an article called:  “The Frugal Traveller: Domestic Travel on a Dime”

According to a recent data study by American Express Travel, domestic excursions are on the rise. Of the 54 percent of Americans who are planning to travel in 2012, more than eight in ten of them plan to dish out more dollars on travel this year than they previously spent in 2011. And more than a third of those are selecting North America as their preferred travel playground. Here’s how to make the most of your time and budget while planning your next on-continent getaway.

If you’re watching your pennies this year, as most of us are, you’ll find a whole universe of wonder in some of North America’s beautiful landscape. From the desert to the ocean, there are bike hikes, trail rides, river cruises, and simple cabins to stay in that will not set your wallet back in the closet. Cultural travel does not have to be expensive to be wonderful and memorable.


You can read about what it takes to be a Frugal Traveller in this article.



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