The New Lisbon- A Labyrinth of Cultural Fun

If you have ever been to Lisbon, you know that the high contrast sky to sea, juxtaposed to white houses on hillsides, is a visual wonder that makes cultural travel fun. The new Lisbon, a labyrinth of cultural fun, is a different place than it once was. Re-invented neighborhoods, new eateries, and new places to enjoy fish tapas are waiting for the cultural tourist to explore. One of the newly restored neighborhoods is Cais do Sodre. Now, the sludge has been rooted out, and old buildings are resurrected to their original splendor. The place has become new again, and full with people.  In an article by Kerry Christiani, she says:

The district was given a makeover. Its main street, Rua Nova do Carvalho, was painted a welcoming bright pink and the call girls were sent packing, but the edginess and decadence on which Lisbon thrives remained. Live music venues, burlesque clubs and tapas bars began to pop up with astonishing frequency, and soon thereafter, Cais do Sodré had upstaged Bairro Alto as Lisbon’s most happening nightlife district….

Alice Wiegand

Alice Wiegand= Cais do Sodre Train Station Lisbon


Why not consider the new Lisbon? The streets alone are a labyrinth of fun, and the architecture, like the train station above, are wonders in and of themselves. Lisbon is a sensory treasure trove of tastes, smells and visual contrast. Meander along the streets, in newly restored neighborhoods like Cais do Sodre, or eat at one of the side street cafe’s. The people, the sounds of the language, and the absolute romance of Lisbon will bring you to your knees. And if you decide to go this spring, do some research. Check out the lonely planet’s guide to Lisbon. You can read the full article by Christiani, at the BBC’s site here.




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