The Maasai, and Cultural Travel

The Massai are a Nilotic culture living in areas of Tanzania, Kenya, and East Africa. The Maasai and cultural travel are knitted together in areas such as East Africa, and the game parks that exist in Kenya. There are approximately 1.5 million Massai in Africa. They have a semi nomatic lifestyle which is rich in tradition of farming desert and scrub land. In a recent article about the Massai, CHRISTINE WANJIRU WANJALA  says about the Massai:

Mani got close to the Maasai Mara in the line of work. “I have been going there regularly to oversee on-going renovations on the Mara leisure camp,” he says. But it was the Maasai unique culture that drew him in to venture outside the camps borders and to befriend the villagers. “I remember being very excited when as a child we would go to Nairobi with my grandfather and I would see the Maasais.

I thought their way of life was interesting and different,” says Mani, who still admits to being fascinated with the Maasai’s traditional way of life. He soon became a friend of the Tipilikwani community, attending various village events, helping out with community work like a son of the soil and being accepted as such.

Massai Man

Massai Man

The Maasai and cultural travel to eastern Africa can give one insight into the ancient wisdom of nomatic culture.  Travel to eastern Africa can give the cultural tourist an authentic experience of the ways in which semi nomatic cultures exist and the traditions and beliefs that give dimension to the Massai. Read the full aricle about the Massai here.


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