The Joys of Cultural Travel

The joys of any cultural travel can be discovered in the food, geography, history, archeology or the arts.  What is joy, after all? A sense of discovery can be found in any culture, but joy is always a surprise. Let’s take Japan for example. In Japan, the old and the new co-exist beautifully. Food is always a sensory indicator of “where you are in the world, by the smells, warmth, and flavor of the dishes that are served. Food is certainly one of the joys of cultural travel. There are other joys encountered by the cultural traveler such as the beauty and diversity of plants and topography. There are also the natural wonders such as waterfalls and hot springs, and the unique wonders of nature.

In Japan,  joy can be found in the hot springs. Dominique Taylor writes:

We learned one of our biggest cultural lessons in Japanese traditions during our visits to the local onsen, a traditional Japanese hot springs. While the springs were the perfect way to unwind from a powder-filled day on the mountain, there are specific rules to using the onsen. First, they are separated into men’s and women’s pools, and the people in each pool are naked. That alone required a moment of mental adjustment for the more modest people in our group. Getting naked in front of a bunch of friends and strangers can be a little uncomfortable, initially.

The Joys of Hot Springs in Beppu City Japan

The Joys of Hot Springs in Beppu City Japan


The joys of cultural travel to Japan include a particular attention to detail, and craft that the Japanese people possess. In addition to the food, and sensory wonders of Japan, from their building aesthetics to their culinary arts, the Japanese people have a very refined sense of space and function. What is most important, is their sense of joy in the ways in which they approach almost everything. Even after the devastating events of 2011, the Japanese have a joy within their communities that keep them thriving as a culture. Why not experience the joy of cultural travel to Japan? If you would like to read more about Japan and its many gifts to cultural travelers, then read more here.


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