The Importance of Cultural Travel to the U.S.

If you would like to know the importance of cultural travel to the U.S., then perhaps you should read President Obama’s most recent initiative to encourage travel to the U. S. The United States has so much diversity and richness of togpagraphy and culture. From sea to shining sea, there are cultures within cultures. To promote cultural travel and tourism in the United States is to realize the importance of our story, culture. and the rich diversity of places that exist within our vast country. In a recent article in “Market Watch,” the importance of cultural travel to the U.S. is revealed in the economic rewards of promoting travel:

visitors estimated to spend $250 billion annually by the end of 2021.

In a joint statement with Sam Gilliland, U.S. TTAB vice-chair and CEO of Sabre Holdings, Davidson comments, “Today’s launch of the National Travel and Tourism Strategy marks a watershed moment for our country. It represents formal recognition of the national importance of travel and tourism and its status as a powerful economic, job creating and cultural engine. The U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory Board applauds President Obama, Secretary Bryson and Secretary Salazar for their leadership in harnessing the resources of the federal government and partnering with the private sector to develop this strategy to tap our industry’s vast potential. The members of our board now look forward to working with Secretary Bryson and our many other government partners in doing our part to help rapidly implement this forward-thinking plan.”


Statue of Liberty

The importance of cultural travel to the U.S. is not merely economic. It is important that we share the rich culture that exists within regions of the United States that include dance, song, music, food, and creative and innovative art. What is your favorite culture within the U.S.? Read the full article in Market watch here.



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