The Cultural Traveler’s Olympiad

Imagine all of your cultural travel dreams coming true in one big cultural Olympiad.  Then imagine yourself watching a ballet, an opera, and some of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Next imagine yourself getting on an airplane headed for London. London is so full of amazing wonders and museums that will make you weep. I was an exchange student in London, and spent a summer in Battersea. London has all of the cultural treasures you could ever dream of seeing. The English people have such a great sense of humor!  Nick Clark of the Independent says:

Leadenhall market London

Leadenhall Market, London

The cultural programming will include live music, arts, performance and pop up events on London high streets, town centres parks and other locations. They are designed to provide “an extra layer of cultural activities” for Londoners and visitors to the capital during the Olympics, Mr Johnson said, adding that while London “won’t have all the pyrotechnics” of Beijing, the capital could compete in other areas, especially culturally.

Who could resist a cultural Olympiad? This is a cultural traveler‘s dream. Everything in one place, and a city that has some of the finest museums in the world. Whether you are a theater buff, or like to ride the double decker buses, make your plans to go to London this summer. You can learn more about the whole event here.


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