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In these days of speed and communication, it is helpful to know where to go and what to do in just one place on the internet. Recently, and new site was created that gives information on the arts, cultural travel to museums and performing arts, and news related to the arts in every venue. It is valuable to have this resource because it takes tremendous time to sort through hundreds of pages of information to find events in the Arts. Included on this site are top cities for the arts, cultural travel vacations, news from the latest art blogs, listings of over 2000 art museums, and more.

Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Arts America visitors can learn what is going on, culturally, in cities around the country, and where to plan a culture-filled vacation or weekend away. Arts America is the top new one-stop resource to help arts enthusiasts find and discover the best cultural entertainment in America…

You can read about the arts, cultural travel and news in prweb’s press release about Arts America, or go to their website directly and see for yourself.



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