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Pioneers of Cultural Travel

Travel is something that is embedded in the cells, the blood, the DNA. Pioneers of cultural travel did not begin with a golden wand guiding them to unknown places. They took risks, walked through walls of fear, and took the unbeaten path to places that many would be afraid to traverse. One such pioneer of cultural travel is Jim Calio. The Huffington post has a great article about this travel pioneer.

JC: What were your goals when you started out in Africa?
GK I made a decision early on that our safaris would be about appreciating the wildlife and the scenery in the most luxurious way possible and came up with the slogan “shoot with a camera, not a gun” and we stuck with that. Early on I got an old army buddy of mine, who was a brilliant engineer, to develop a refrigerated truck so we could have ice in the bush for the gin and tonic. It was the first time this had been done and it worked brilliantly.

JC: What was the first trip you organized when you started the company?
GK: One of my first trips ever was with Jane Chapin from Adventures Unlimited. She was the exclusive travel agent for A&K. She had somehow heard of me and, when she came to Nairobi, I took her on a safari. I picked up Jane at the old Stanley Hotel and took her into Nairobi National Park. Then, in 1966, I took her off on a longer adventure. I was the guide, and we had a mobile tented camp — with ice and electric lights. She had such a wonderful time that soon she and I were operating 10 safaris a month.


Pioneers of cultural travel exist throughout history in the form of naturalists, theosophists, anthropologists, artists, dancers, and curious people. Jim Calio is one example of a person who has combined passion with an entrepreneurial spirit to create a lifetime of crafting trips for people around the world. What about you? Are you a pioneer, or a curious seeker? Read the whole article here.





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