Tibet Travel on Your List?

Let’s face it, life is brief, and if there is a place that you would like to travel to in the world, you need to make a commitment to travel. Let me ask you, is Tibet Travel on your list? If not, you might want to learn more. I the late 1980′s I traveled to Nepal, and it was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. Outside of the airplane window, I saw the most magnificent mountains in the world. Mt. Everest, and the Himalayas were so surreal.

Mt. Everest- Photo source: e 	http://plotnikovna.narod.ru/img/


Tibet Travel Coop (TTC) now offers three kinds of Tibet tour. Depending on their interest, travelers can choose spiritual journeys, cultural odysseys, or adventure trekking. Itineraries can be tailor-made to suit individual requests.

“These journeys reveal historical and cultural places,” TTC said. “They include short hikes to stunning nomadic hillsides, connect the traveler with the hearts and minds of rural Tibetans, and the homestay trips in the Minyak region stay off the popular tourist paths.”

If you are interested in traveling to Tibet, be prepared to  have your life change. Seeing the Himalayas from an airplane, or by foot, can change your life forever. The sheer magnificence of these grand mountains will take your breath away. If you have considered going to Tibet, take action, and make your plans to go in 2012. The ability to understand things often comes from the rich experience of wonder. Tibet travel on your list? If not, perhaps you should explore Tibet today. Go here to learn more about Tibet.

Cultural Travel to Tibet

Tibet is one of the last frontiers of cultural heritage that remains intact. Cultural travel to Tibet is rich with a culture that has existed for thousands of years in a place that holds it’s sacred beginnings in the temples, the mountains, and the people who live there. Recently, there have been restrictions on travel to central Tibet. A travel agency in Tibet, called “Explore Tibet- a Lhasa based travel agency,” has provided alternative cultural travel experiences in Khan, which is located in eastern Tibet. A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle states:

The Kham region of eastern Tibet (western Sichuan and Yunnan Province) has a dramatic landscape different from the central part of Tibet. The high altitude Tibetan plateau slopes down into China’s Sichuan basin, and the rivers dropping down from the Himalayan peaks have cut deep narrow gorges with lush vegetation and spectacular waterfalls.

This area is home to the Khampa, a Tibetan cultural group with their own language, clothing, architecture and lifestyle. Kangding, the traditional capital and trading town of Kham, is the gateway toTibet.

tibetan woman

Tibetan Woman- Photo by http://www.galuzzi.it/

If you have not been to this beautiful part of the world, let me attest to the magnificent beauty and wonder that will take your breath away. In addition, you will see a culture that is still intact with their story, language and cultural traditions. Do not waste a moment more, make plans to visit Tibet today. Go here to read the article in the SF Gate.

Culture, Travel and Tibet

Perhaps you’ve been considering going to Tibet this year. If this might be the best year to go. Culture, travel and Tibet are waiting for you to make the decision to go. History, natural beauty and hiking, as well as visiting the monasteries can be your gateway into a culture that is rich with tradition. There are also ways to travel to Tibet and to give back in the process. How? Songtsan Travel, a touring company in Tibet, is giving money to children’s education in Tibet, and while you are there, they will take you to the sponsored school.

“Our tours are designed to introduce the unique culture and history of Tibet in as convenient and comfortable a way as possible,” Songtsan Travel said. “As we are a Tibetan company, travelers will always have a Tibetan guide to show them the ‘behind the scenes’ side of Tibetan life, and open cultural doors that non-Tibetans cannot.”

Songtsan Travel donates money to support children’s education, and travelers can arrange to visit their sponsored school.

“We believe the purpose of education is to promote a better person, nice human being. Our vision is a great public education for every student. Educating our hearts and minds to change ourselves and the world.

If this interests you, then culture, travel and Tibet can be knitted together into a trip that can benefit not only your cultural awareness, but also children. If you’ve been waiting to go for years and years, now is the time. Read the whole article about traveling to Tibet and giving back, here.

Travel Culture to Tibet

If you have ever wanted to go to Tibet, there is no greater time than right now. From May until October, the weather is ideal for those who wish to experience the wonders of the mountains, and the Tibetan Monasteries. Travel culture to Tibet is filled with natural wonders, history, Buddhist history and more. If you can go now, there is a great opportunity to travel with Potala travel, which offers a 12 day, Tibetan run trek between the two most important monasteries.

Yarlung valley Tibet

Yarlung Valley, Tibet

Ganden monastery, located about 45km east of Lhasa, is a monastery of the Geluk order. It was founded in 1409 by Tsongkhapa on the Gokpori ridge of Mount Wangkur. After later additions, the monastery came to support more than 5,000 monks.

During the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, the monastery was destroyed. In the 1990s, the buildings of the monastery were rebuilt and renovated, and 1,660 square meters of murals have been restored over the last four years.

The Samye monastery is the most popular destination for travelers in Central Tibet. Surrounded by barren mountains and dramatic sand dunes and approached via a river crossing, the beauty of the monastery and its location tempts many visitors to stay longer than they intended.

Travel culture to Tibet is a journey into Tibet’s past as well as the magnificent wonders of it’s presence today. The trek into culture as well as the extreme beauty of the passes  and the mountains is a journey of a lifetime. Read the whole article in the San Francisco Gate here.

Tibet, a Cultural Traveler’s Dreamland

The first time I witnessed the magnitude of the Himalayas, I looked outside of the airplane window to see the absolute splendor of Himalayas on even ground with the airplane. I thought I was hallucinating. How could mountains be so high? I imagined all of the brave souls who traversed those mountains, climbed them, and sacrificed their lives to them. Tibet is embedded in the Himalaya mountains. I have traveled to Nepal, but not to Tibet. This is a land that is a container for ancient history, place, wisdom and wonder. Tibet has been scarred by the Chinese, and continues to be brutalized by the politics of China. It is a land that is one of the last frontiers. Tibet is a cultural traveler’s dreamland. A new tour company offers ways in which you may see Tibet in the light that you so wish.

Tibet Travel Coop launched a new website that will make it easier for travelers to connect with sustainable, locally-owned Tibetan tour agencies. The site serves as a central hub for Tibetan-owned agencies, tour guides, cooks, drivers and other travel personnel. Through the website customers can contact the Coop’s marketing and sales office and arrange personalized Tibet trips.

One feature of the new website is a description of available Tibet trips, divided into three categories: spiritual journeys, cultural odysseys, and trekking adventures. The website also features a photo gallery and a blog for coop members and travelers to stay connected and share their experiences. The site contains contact information for the US-based sales team, and the Lhasa-based tour office that handles the travel operations.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/g/a/2012/05/02/prweb9462794.DTL#ixzz1tlsDdIux

Tibetan prayer flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags


I have always been aligned with the textiles and cloth of different cultures. The prayer flags made of cloth and hung in the landscape as blessings to the earth and to sacred land, are reminders of the rich traditions that both originated, and still exist in places like Tibet. How often we forget places, history, and beliefs that are thousands of years old. Tibet, a cultural traveler’s dreamland. Let us remember Tibet. Read the whole article here.






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