Ecuador, A Cultural Traveler’s New Frontier

Ecuador is one of the new frontier’s in cultural  travel. The Galapagos Islands are a brief plane ride away from Ecquador  and there are diverse beaches and rolling hills that will bring you to your knees. The Galapagos  are 605 miles west of the coast of South America and an important piece of Equador. Imagine the stars from the southern and northern hemispheres shed into one magnificent sky. If you have never been to the southern hemisphere, it hosts a different night sky than the northern hemisphere.  Crude oil is one of the greatest natural resources of Equador, but it also has plentiful coffee. sugar, bananas, cacao, and tropical fruits. Ecuador is a diverse culture with a mix of religions and ethnicity. The food alone hosts a new frontier of a variety of tastes, smells, herbs and sensory pleasures. If you were to escape to Equador, Jon Steele of Action Sports, ESPN says:

Weekday dawn patrols allow one to lock eyes with local fisherman, whose boat charges through the lineup into open water. Daily trips to the neighborhood tiendas are for picking up fresh fruits, coconuts and pineapples for a dollar. A dinner of chicken, rice and beans at the corner familia restaurante can be picked up for $2.50. Small parakeets fly in pairs and chirp loudly from nearby trees. The rivers are encased by green hills and jungle-lined waterways. Livestock and wild chickens cross the roads wherever they please. Soccer practice takes place on the shoreline every afternoon, and you can watch the “big game” on Friday and Saturday night in the local field for free.


Cuenca Ecquador

There are some great places to visit in Ecuador such as Quito, Cuenca, and of course the Galapagos Islands. Each place has different gifts to offer the cultural tourist. Cuenca has a historical square with exquisite architecture and outdoor cafes and coffee houses and a wonderful market that hosts local crafts, food, vegetables and woven goods.Whether your fun is traveling through the Andes, or surfing,  Ecuador is a cultural traveler’s new frontier. It is a country that has diversity of people, place and beauty, and is filled with cultural treasures.  To read more of the article above, go here….




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