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Folk Art and Cultural Travel to China

Folk art is a great reason to plan travel to China. Why? Because China has a long history of the silk road, where silk and fabulous textiles were transported from place to place, and the cultivation of silk was one of China’s most valued treasures. Pingliang, one of the silk route’s places of trade is a part of the 9th China Folk Art Festival. The famous silk route spans roughly 4000 miles, and existed as trade routes between China, India, southeast Asia, Turkey, Persia, Africa, and Europe. The silk road began around 206BCE and expanded between the 5th and 8th centuries. Silk was not the only commodity traded along the silk route. Spices, teas, functional items produced by craftsmen, and religious beliefs were also ignited during the time of the silk route.

Silk Route- photo by Mayhaymate

The 9th China Folk Art Festival will be held in Pingliang, Gansu province from September 12 to September 15, according to a press briefing in Beijing on Sunday. The theme of the festival is “Beautiful Kongtong Mountain. The festival aims to combine the Chinese folk art exhibition and tourism promotion of Pingliang, located on the Silk Road.

If you’re going, do some research on Folk Art of China, and the fascinating history of the silk route. Folk art and cultural travel to China is a world that is interesting and wonderful. You will be drawn into a time and place that is reflective of ancient people long ago, and how they learned about the rest of the world through trading silk and other objects of art. Read the full article here.





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