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Cultural Travel for Senior Women

In 2012, more and more senior women are traveling alone to places where they can volunteer, give back or participate in a class or learning experience. Cultural travel for senior women is becoming an important demographic for tour companies and for organizations that create volunteer experiences for elders. Older women are choosing less sedentary lives as they age, and more and more women who are single, and or widowed are choosing to go to destinations that are off the beaten track. This phenomenon is happening not only in the United States, but in other parts of the world as well. Here is an excerpt from the Sun Star Cebu:

To attract the aging traveling market, the department is pushing for retirement villages. According to the presentation, elderly travelers are attracted to cultural sites and like traveling on short holiday breaks.

Another trend is that tourists are now more activity-based, rather than destination-based. This means they will consider what activities they want to do on their holiday before deciding where to go.

With this, the department said the trend prompts destinations to create unique activities to lure in tourists. Destinations have to create niche markets to attract specific types of travelers.

The trend also requires tour operators to deliver custom-made tours to allow for a unique and personalized experience.


Senior women_cultural travel

Senior women_cultural travel

Take note you tour operators of the world. There is a market of women who are interested in new experiences and cultural travel to new places. Cultural travel for senior women is an opportunity for women to grow and learn through cultural exchange, giving back life experience, and attending classes in other countries. Would you like to learn more about opportunities to engage yourself in teaching or volunteering in other cultures? Go here to learn more about cultural travel for senior women. Read the full article in the Sun Star here.




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