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Senior Travel Tips For World Travel

There are many people who would love to travel the world. Many times, people wait until it is too late to get around to go to those far away places in the world, so they end up looking at videos or travel shows with regret that they never took the giant leap to travel. There are, however, many senior travel tips for world travel for seniors who are on a budget, or who need some help with knowing the best ways to navigate throughout the world. Knowing the best ways to budget your trips, and how to include some meaningful work along the way, is a wonderful way to see those places that you always dreamed of. Myscha Theriault of the Ottawa Citizen interviews Evelyn Hannon, who has been a world traveler for 30 years. Here is an excerpt from Theriault’s article, “Expert tips for seniors on a budget.”

Activities: Rather than using her vacation dollars to stay at expensive resorts only to lounge by the pool and eat huge meals every night, Hannon enjoys putting her talents to use helping others. Many areas of need are in countries where travel costs are quite cheap, enabling you to stay a bit longer. Hannon says, “An older adult who has practised medicine, nursing or engineering all of their working life can bring those precious skills to a volunteer organization like Cross Cultural Solutions or Habitat for Humanity in developing countries around the world.” Asked why she doesn’t choose vacations her peers would consider more age-appropriate, Hannon responds, “In travel, age is just a number and not important unless you are cheese.”

I love Hannon’s last quote. Don’t you think it is about time you get up and get on a plane to that one place you have always wanted to go? Senior travel tips for world travel will help you to find your way, save some money, and do good work. If you are planning a trip or dreaming of one, go and read Theriault’s article here.




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