senior travel and driving

Senior Travel and Driving

My father turned 80 last year, and the biggest thing about this was that he could not rent a car in Ireland, or any other European country fpr that matter.  As  an independent cultural traveler, senior travel and driving is a big issue with folks over 70 in some countries, 75 in others as far as driving is concerned. What does this really mean? It means that if you are older, a senior, and are over a particular age, you will have to opt for another mode of transport other than driving yourself around rural countryside vistas. In a recent article by AAA, the news dispels the notion that seniors are a bad risk:

Helping to dispel the all-too-common myth that seniors are dangerous drivers, AAA’s survey also indicates that motorists age 65 and older often “self-police” their driving or avoid driving situations that put them at greater risk of a crash. In fact, 80 percent of senior drivers voluntarily avoid one or more high-risk driving situations. More than half (61 percent) of these drivers avoid driving in bad weather; 50 percent avoid night driving; 42 percent avert trips in heavy traffic and 37 percent avoid unfamiliar roads.


What more could you want in the realm of awareness? For insurance purposes, there are other guidelines which an elder must follow, and these guidelines are out of cultural travel news reach for commenting, so do the homework before renting, or attempting to rent a car in a distant land. Senior travel and driving are serious business, especially if you are thousands of miles away from your homeland.

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