Speed, Phones and Booking Senior Travel

Speed has become one of the most important aspects of communication today. Now, with everything moving to mobile technology, and phones, speed and mobile friendly sites that load fast are essential. Why? Because speed, phones and booking senior travel needs to be efficient and easy. Have you ever gone to a website, and waited and waited for the thing to load? Or perhaps you land on a video that spends 10 minutes buffering. Frustrating, eh? Well, travel companies are onto the mobile technology issue. Nancy Trejos for USA Today writes:

•Airlines rounding out the top 10 in mobile site performance were Delta Air Lines, AirTran Airways (which is merging with Southwest Airlines) and American Airlines. All had response times below seven seconds. Of the 26 travel companies ranked, Southwest landed in the No. 24 spot.

•The top hotel mobile site belonged to Best Western Hotels with an average response time of 4.954 seconds. InterContinental Hotels Group had the lowest-ranked site, with an average time of 9.728 seconds.


Speed, phones and booking senior travel is a tightly woven web…..the world wide web. Travel sites that offer speed and efficiency when booking, will win the prize for all travelers. Go and read the full article in USA Today here.






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