NewGrange passage tomb

NewGrange Passage Tomb

7012 was a wonderful year of travel. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see the New Grange Passage Tomb as well as Loughcrew passage tomb in the Boyne Valley of Ireland. My Father had told me about going to the Boyne Valley, and the NewGrange Tomb with his wife Pat, who is from Ireland.  I was mesmerized by his description of the place, and the curious sense of wonder he had after going there. I read a great deal about the Boyne Valley and New Grange, and I must say, it was the highlight of 2012. Why? Because these Burial chambers were not just places to put the remains of the dead. They were remarkable feats of marking time, and precise ways to determine when the winter sun, and quarter sun events would occur, marked by the light of the sun itself. There was no technology as we rely on today, however, clearly there was a technology of the spirit that was extremely well developed.  And what is spectacular, is that these people who occupied the Boyne Valley were some of the most amazing builders, astronomers, and scientists  (if we need to identify them in the way that we think of what is amazing today.) The New Grange Passage Tomb is a place built some 3400 years ago that hosts the movement of the sun on the winter Solstice in such a way that it hits certain stones, and their symbols as if the people who were a part of this cosmology were speaking directly with light. Perhaps it was a prayer or request that the dead be received in the world of light at these exact moments of communication with the Sun. Each year, the sun rises over the Boyne Valley and sheds a beam of light through the long narrow passage at New Grange, hitting a sequential series of stones that have a language we may never know.  (Click on the image below to see the full entry to the NewGrange Passage Tomb.

If you are interested in the ancient mysteries reflected in material culture and place, you must go to the NewGrange Passage Tomb in the Boyne Valley of Ireland. There is a magnificent cultural center and museum there, and after you arrive, you are  transported on a bus to the tombs. The people of this time built many of these burial chambers and all are in relationship to one another in proximity to the sun and moon and the markers of time through the Solstices which are specific markers of time in ancient cosmologies as well as today.  Were they created for burials and ancestral communication? Were they for harvests and the rhythms of nature? We do not know the answer. What remains is a mystery that is intact, and the NewGrange Passage Tomb is a place for the spiritual seeker, the architects of the world, archeologists, and people who live in a sense of wonder about the world. Include the New Grange Passage Tomb on your list of places to see.




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