New Zealand

Wine, the Brancott Estate and Cultural Travel to New Zealand

The world down under, on the other side of the world from the United States is a green lush wonderland that is teeming with life. There, wine, the Brancott Estate, and cultural travel await whomever wishes to open their senses to New Zealand. In the 1970′s the valley of Marlborough was pasture land with sheep grazing. Now, it is home to some of Australia’s finest wines. A recent article in the Telegraph describes the sensory treasures of the Brancott Estate.

Until 1973, the wide green valley of Marlborough was home to herds of sheep and when the owners of Brancott Estate decided to try growing grapes here, they were treated as madmen. “The climate round here is far too cool,” they were told. Two years later, after comparing Marlborough’s conditions with those of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley in France, the mad pioneers decided to plant a few sauvignon blanc vines.

By the time I arrived in the region a decade later, the Brancott Estate vineyards had already produced delicious gooseberryish and asparagussy whites that tasted like nothing I had ever encountered elsewhere. I was so bowled over, in fact, that the 1987 sauvignon blanc was named White Wine of the Year in my 1988 Sunday Telegraph Good Wine, an extraordinary achievement for a wine produced from vines planted a dozen years earlier in a sheep paddock.

Whether you are traveling to New Zealand for one of the “Great Walks” or to see the many national parks which are unique to the areas where they are located, Australia is a destination trip that can change your view of the world. Wine, the Bancott Estate, and cultural travel to New Zealand can change the whole lens of perception about the world down under. Read the whole article about Robert Joseph and the Brancott Estate here.




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