New Grange

Ireland, and New Grange

There are many ways to experience a place, whether it be Europe, Africa, Canada, or the USA. Ireland is a place that compels us to visit during the summer months when it is teeming with life. There are so many things that Ireland, oh Ireland have to offer. For instance,Ireland has some incredible Neolithic archeological remnants that are mysteries that compel one to dig further. Places such as New Grange. What is New Grange?

320px-Newgrange_at_a_distance-photo by Jimmy Harris

New Grange- Neolithic Structure, Ireland

New Grange-Second Passage- Photo by r Bkwillwm


Neolithic structures such as New Grange, Stone Henge and other structures around the world, reflect a connection to the larger planetary world. How? Each structure is aligned with the summer solstice, and the winter solstice. New Grange is constructed in such a way that the winter solstice(Dec. 21st) sheds it’s light for 17 minutes through a shaft of light between stones  and onto the chamber floor dating back as far as c.3100 to 2900 BC. The photo above reflects a bed of quartz stones that were laid in front of the second passage. The tools used to construct the stone chamber were all of stone, as metals had not yet been introduced into the world. New Grange predates Stone Henge by a thousand years. When you consider how long ago this structure was built, it is remarkable that the healing technologies of Neolithic people held such precision in connection with the sun and the planetary alignments. Additionally, the spiral was a symbol used on many of the stones there.  The Maori, indigenous peoples of the South Pacific, as well as the early remains of the people of western China in the Tarim Basin, both used the spiral as a significant symbol of communication to the Divine or afterworld.

Each year, on the Winter Solstice, a lottery gives a group of people the rare opportunity to witness the shaft of light entering the chamber at New Grange. This is done on a lottery basis since only a few may fit inside the narrow passage that makes up the chamber at New Grange  Today, the earliest light enters the chamber 4 minutes after sunrise, but 5000 years ago, the light would have entered the chamber exactly at sunrise. Being a mound of stone and earth, the place itself is 250 feet across and 40 feet high.  There are speculations as to it’s purpose 5000 years ago. A burial ground, a place of honoring the winter and summer solstice? There are many speculations as to what the chamber’s purpose was intended for. If you are interested, perhaps you should investigate this ancient place in greater detail.





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