Cultural Tours to Guatemala

     There is nothing that parallels real authentic experience. Cultural tours all around the world offer dance, smells, tastes, sounds and visual wonder of of a place that embed’s itself in memory. Cultural tours to Antigua, Guatemala are no exception. There are learning experiences that one can never access through a book. The sensory wonders that accompany cultural tours, are a way of “knowing” a place in the sense of the experiences being embedded in one’s whole being.


The University of Texas Continuing and Innovative Education is but one place that offers cultural tours and cultural exchanges. This cultural tour to Guatemala changes a student’s life, the accompanying educators, and the people who they encounter on their journeys. This is like a ripple effect, offering a story that travels from one student to another, to a family member to another, until a whole culture is illuminated with differences that exist between cultures. Read the whole article including what the students have to say here….




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