Cultural Travel, Embrace Diversity

Artists are always in search of experiences which link them to cultures abroad, and provide a thread to people and arts organizations within those cultures. Creating cultural links can transform the perceptions of everyone involved, including the artist, the diverse countries and cultures which embrace diverse art experiences, and the organizations that sponsor these connections. This is a rich connection, and one that should be valued. Cultural travel, embraces diversity, but when you add the arts to this equation, the results are a cultural rich experience that changes lives. In an article by Matthew Caines from the Guardian Professional, he creates a venue for information for “Arts International: Top Tips for creating Cultural links abroad: Here is an excerpt:

Shihui Weng, associate producer, National Theatre of Scotland

Embrace diversity: The only barriers we have in the arts are the artificial ones we put up. I firmly believe the sustainable way of making theatre and arts now is via exciting new partnerships, often internationally, where we push boundaries and stimulate new ideas. The fact that I’m Chinese and working in Scottish theatre is a positive indication that this country does embrace diversity in a big way.

Beatrice Pembroke, director of the British Council says:

Collaborate across the sectors: I think one of the most valuable things we can do is offer international opportunities cross-sectorally and indeed beyond the arts and culture sectors – we should look to where it intersects with the broader creative industries, cultural sector and economy.

The UK creatives we work with often find some of the most exciting and innovative potential in places where there isn’t such a formal and well-supported creative sector, where people have to do several jobs at once and at a more dynamic pace. This throws up other challenges of course but it can be stimulating when you put the two together. A good example of this is our Culture Shift events that we’re piloting in Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg and Cairo at the moment.

For the artist seeking cultural travel, and who embraces diversity, opportunities abound. As an artist myself, I have learned more by engaging with diverse cultures than in any other creative venue. Seek the experience, and you will find it. Read the whole interesting and complete article here.




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