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Cultural Travel to Museums Anywhere without a Visa

For people who have grown up with the internet, iphones, and other i stuff, the idea of virtual travel is no big deal. But for those of us with some time on our sides, (55 and blooming), the idea of visiting a museum around the world without getting on a plane is relatively new. Lets be honest, real is real, and there is no substitute for real travel, and real experience. But I’ll have to say that technology is getting pretty close to a real experience. Cultural travel to museums, anywhere without a visa, is becoming more and more popular, especially with the boomers. Is an online experience of a museum equal with a real experience? Hardly. But if your access to other cultures is limited due to a limitation in travel, then DO NOT consider yourself confined.  Google art project’s virtual tours are what I am talking about.

Google, the company that has already made it possible to explore our planet from above and discover cities street-by-street, has announced a global expansion of its Art Project site, which allows users to go on a cultural grand tour without ever leaving their computer.

The site, which launched in February last year with just 1000 works of art after being thought up by four UK-based engineers, has signed partnership deals with 151 new cultural locations across 40 countries. British institutions including the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Galleries of Scotland are among those that will now allow Google to photograph their collections, bringing the number of works on the site to 30,000.

Victoria and Albert Museum- Mosiacs

Victoria and Albert Museum- Mosiacs


If you have not visited the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, well, let me just say that you could spend years exploring it’s contents. And now, you can go there with a touch of the mouse. That’s not to say that the experience will be the same. But what this new connection renders, is a unique way for the senior traveler to witness artifacts, places, and museums that were otherwise inaccessible. A trip without a plane ticket, so to speak. This technology which bridges cultural places, museums, and other phenomenon, will become more and more accessible as technology increases it’s span of cultures, and information on the web.


Cultural travel to museums anywhere, without a visa, is now a reality. Go here to see what virtual museums are all about.




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