cultural tours locally and globally

Cultural Tours Locally and Globally

It is challenging sometimes to find just the right cultural tour when you’re planning a trip. Cultural tours locally and globally can be discovered in your own community, or half way around the globe.  First, it is important to determine what you would like to do, and then to focus on companies that specialize in tours that are oriented in your area of interest.  The Seattle Times has a great article geared for the cultural traveler who longs for local or global travel.

Local companies offer everything from cultural adventures in Central America to Himalaya treks and Africa safaris, and in styles (and price ranges) from backpacker to luxury. Group sizes usually range from a dozen to 18 travelers, although they can be a smaller. Many companies also will arrange private trips.

Crooked Trails: Community-based trips that include homestays or service projects in indigenous communities in Bhutan, Peru, Kenya and more.


Whether you are planning travel in your own city or community, or traveling around the world to Asia, cultural tours locally and globally can help you to galvanize your plans into a week or two week journey that is filled with everything you love. The article in the Seattle Times has a great resource for tour companies that offer cultural tours locally and globally. Go here to  read the full article in the Seattle Times.




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