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Ancient Mummies Reveal Cultural Story

ancient egyptian mummy




When you think of mummies, where does your mind go? Mine always goes to Egypt.  Now, even elaborate hairstylesfrom 2000 years ago can be recreated through even more elaborate technology. Ancient mummies reveal the cultural story of their time and the environment in which they lived. In some ways, I am saddened that technology can recreate the way a person looked 2000 years ago. It takes the mystery out of exploring culture so long ago. The mummies of the Tarim Basin in western China are far more intriguing in imagining their stories, because their hair, skin and textiles are still intact. Imagining the story is far more interesting to me. What about you? Do you find these technological wonders that can recreate a face and an image of the past a marvel or a downer? Here is an article written in the Huffington post that will either charm you, or alarm you. Ancient Egyptian Mummy’s Elaborate Hairstyle recreated in 3D:

Today, thanks to research and reconstruction work that includes high-resolution CT scans, anthropological analysis, 3D printing and facial reconstruction drawing, this woman, along with two other mummies, are being brought back to life. Their three-dimensional faces and hair, carefully reconstructed by professional forensic artist Victoria Lywood, of John Abbott College, are set to be revealed tomorrow (Jan. 25) at the Redpath Museum at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.


Ancient mummies always reveal cultural story told through the objects that they were buried with and  the manner in which they were laid to rest. If you are a curious wanderer and wish to explore more about the new technologies which unlock the mysteries of the past, then read the full article here.




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