Culture, Travel, Spoleto and Charleston

If you are a lover of the arts and culture, then chances are, you will love Spoleto festival in Charleston, South Carolina. Here, culture, travel, spoleto and Charleston combined, turn a trip into a cultural explosion of dance, music, drama, plus a fusion of good food and the history of Charleston. The history of Spoleto spans 35 years with an original counterpart in Spoleto, Italy. There is no other festival on the planet that has the array of music, dance, art, theater and symphony in one place.




If you’re a cultural traveler, and love the arts, don’t miss this year’s Spoleto festival. Going will put you in one of the finest cities the south has to offer, and the surrounding beaches are worth a visit. If you would like to explore tickets for this year’s festival, go here. Culture, travel, Spoleto and Charleston are the world’s best fusion of the arts.




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