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A Cultural Traveler’s Nightmare; Cancelled Flights

Maybe this has happened to you. You plan a trip to the other side of the world, and then, after arriving, an event arises that shakes the country up, and in an instant, your flight is cancelled. A cultural traveler’s nightmare, cancelled flights can create an issue that is a job to get through. It is always important to keep an eye on the world news before traveling to other cultures because events can be brewing long in advance of your arrival or departure. As an example, pay disputes or governmental proposals to raise the price of gas, or coups can develop over time, or they can happen in an instant. Watching the news can help you to avoid a difficult situation. Then there are natural disasters that are totally unpredictable. Remember the fires in Russia several years ago that brought European travel  to a complete halt?  If you are thinking of going to Germany in April, 2012, you might want to start watching the news there. Writers Larry Habegger and Andrew Davis for the Chicago Tribune write:

Almost half of the flights at Germany’s largest airport, in Frankfurt, were canceled Tuesday because of ground handlers strikes. The strikes were called over a pay dispute, with Verdi, the German service union, calling for a 6.5 percent pay increase over two years. Verdi has warned that more strikes could follow. If mediation fails, larger strikes could come in April.

This is a prime example of a cultural traveler’s nightmare, where cancelled flights could spoil a whole trip. They also point to several other places in the world where one might be extra cautious before making plans such as Jakarta,Indonesia  and Mali in west Africa. You can read the whole story here.




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