Cultural Travel with An Escort to Burma

I’m not the type to want an escort anywhere, especially on a trip, but having things planned out for places that are otherwise inaccessible seems pretty appealing when you consider all of the time and planning required to go to unknown places. Cultural travel with an escort to Burma may qualify for a trip that I wouldn’t mind having an escort. In fact, in places such as Bhutan, the government requires that you have an escort to move you throughout the country. You are also required to spend a minimum of $200.00 per day while in Bhutan. What a wise way to keep the masses from ruining your country. Burma is a country  that has just opened the pearly gates again to tourists, and is probably one of those places that you might want to have an escort with you.

You might ask, what is there to see in Burma? A blurb in the Telegraph talks about Burma’s highlights here:

After years of anticipation and frustration, lovers of south-east Asia are now able to visit the region’s least explored – and arguably most magical – country. Rural Burma is a scenic backdrop for stops including the Pindaya caves, the ancient temples and pagodas of Pagan, historic hill stations and a cruise on the Irrawaddy River. Inle Lake, the colonial architecture of Yangon (Rangoon) and the northern city of Mandalay are further highlights of a tour with Voyages Jules Verne.

  • Voyages Jules Verne 0845 166 7003; vjv.com) offers the 14-night Discover Burma tour, departing on August 13 and September 10. From £2,495pp, including return flight.

Burma has some of the world’s best exemplars of neolithic artwork in caves. The neolithic culture of Padah Lin caves is indicative of one such site. Below you see the neolithic images from the Padah cave.

cultural travel to Burma

Neolithic paintings at the Padah Lin Cave Burma

 Photo from wikipedia-uploaded by Dimitri Lytov

There are numerous other wonders in Burma that any human being would find interesting and fascinating. For one, the temples are extraordinary, and cultural travel with an escort to Burma can provide an enlightened twist to a traveler’s experience of all of the dimensions of Burma. The people there are interesting and while there has been considerable unrest, the rich traditions and beliefs of the culture there is worth the time and effort it takes to get there. There are 135 distinct ethnic groups, and 4 different languages spoken there. Below is an image of a little girl from Padaung.

Burma child from Padaung

Burma child from Padaung-wikipedia commons Dimitt


Burma is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. Bordered by Thailand, India, China, Burma has a unique tie to ancient human beings, with a history that goes back 750,000 years! The neolithic paintings above, date back 13,000 years. It is easy to see how cultural travel to Burma offers a unique view into a culture that is knitted to ancient people of long ago. Burma is a country that one should fully explore in the way of research, before traveling there. Cultural travel to Burma with an escort would be a wonderful way to see places that would otherwise be difficult to access. If you’re going, you might want to check out the full article in the telegraph here.  Check out Lonely Planet’s guide to Burma. You’ll be glad you did!


Cultural Travel To Burma now Possible

Burma has been off limits to tourists for quite some time, and it is a country that is filled with architectural masterpieces and archeological wonders. The ban on travel to Burma, imposed by the United States Government, has now been lifted. Cultural travel to Burma is now possible, and the gateway is open. The San Francisco Chronical posts:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said in the next few days, the United States would name its first ambassador to the country since 1990.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/04/04/MNSD1NUJM4.DTL#ixzz1rBCtQRSx



The neolithic culture of Burmese in Padah-Lin Caves
The neolithic culture of Burmese in Padah-Lin Caves-photo by Soewinhan

Burma, or Myanmar, is a country that has been through atrocities that many of us cannot imagine. President Obama has lifted some sanctions with Burma, and is attempting to normalize relations between the two countries. The ancient history and artifacts that exist in Burma, are cultural treasures. If you are planning to travel to Burma, it is best to do your homework. If your passion is archeology, cultural travel to Burma is now possible, and should reveal some great explorations into the ancient past of Burma. Read the full post in the San Francisco Chronicle here.



Cultural Travel to Myanmar

There are few places in the world that offer cultural learning that can alter one’s life. Myanmar is one such place. Cultural travel to Myanmar is the creme de la creme of cultural travel. Why? Because Myanmar, or Burma is a place in which  things have been altered, and yet, remain culturally and historically rich. First of all, where is Myanamar?  Myanamar, or Burma is one of the most culturally rich in natural resources, yet least developed in all of the world. What do I mean by culturally rich?   A Stupa is a structure that is a mound or heap containing Buddhist relics. Stupas are an ancient form of Mandala. Below is an image of the Stupas and temples in Myanmar. There are over 4000 Pagodas, Temples, and sacred places in Burma. Cultural travel to Myanmar includes a rich connection to the beliefs and traditions of the Buddhist beliefs in Burma.


Burma, Myanmar

Burma, Myanmar


Turn back the clock with a trip to this time-warped country where the adventure travel of old lives on. This is the authentic Asia with creaking buses, potholed roads, locals who greet you like long lost family and not a 7-Eleven in sight.

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/myanmar-burma#ixzz1ptMAvJuC


There is much to be discovered in cultural travel to Myanmar. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or whether you want to explore the world in a new way, Burma, or Myanmar offers the cultural experience of a lifetime.  Time is warped and altered in Myanmar. Pagodas and Temples take you back to an ancient time when the Stupas or structures represented a belief that transcended time. You will discover the whole world in its ancient beginnings, in Myanmar.


Why not set your cultural travel plans to travel to Myanmar? Cultural travel to Myanmar can be a life altering experience. Read more about travelling there here.






Cultural Travel To Burma

Cultural Travel to Burma has not been an option until the past two decades. Burma is filled with temples, and beauty that the rest of the world has not known. To travel to Burma, a cultural traveler must plan ahead. There are visa’s, and many regulatory restrictions to travel. This should not deter one who wants to experience a unique and beautiful culture. There are numerous tours that go to Burma.

“Myanmar is the sleeping dragon of Southeast Asia. Political and economic reforms will have created a new impetus to increase the tourism sector of the nation. Myanmar is the cool new place for savvy travelers who want to be the first to discover new destinations. Of course, Myanmar has attracted travelers for decades thanks to its abundant forests, rich wildlife, ancient cities and fascinating culture.” Henry, Tour Manager of Luxury Travel Ltd Myanmar.


Monastery Burma-Photo by Ralf-André Lettau

Monastery Burma-Photo by Ralf-André Lettau

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