Cultural Travel to Bali

One of the greatest trips I ever made was a month long vacation to Bali and Indonesia. Cultural travel to Bali is a once in a lifetime experience. Bali is one culture with the beliefs and practices still intact, and when you arrive at the airport, you feel as if you have stepped into a dream. The offerings to the good spirits and the bad spirits are created each day, and offerings of food, incense, and rice are given on a beautiful woven palm frond. There is no other place on earth where the beliefs and rituals are embedded in the daily lives of the culture. From the temples, to the extraordinary crafts, the Balinese people are unique in their way of creating community for almost every event. Here is a link to a video that I created about bali. There are numerous tours that are heading to Bali. If drumming is your passion, you might want to learn more about a trip to Bali that features meditation and drumming. Tribal Music Tours offers the tour below.




Guests stay in jungle villas in Ubud where exploration begins by foot to the Monkey Forest and the village. During the trip, participants jam with gamelan masters during a drum workshop, visit drum craftsmen and master healers, take a Balinese dance workshop and experience a men’s kecak trance dance by night. The itinerary also includes a snorkeling excursion and visits to Tirtenganga, Tenganan and Amed.

A cultural tour of Bali will be an experience that you will never forget. Whatever your passion, you will find a piece of it in Bali. There are so many festivals that take place, and you might get lucky and witness wedding preparations which are beyond belief. Take the plunge and make your plans to visit Bali. For more information on the tour leaving this spring, check it out here.




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