Cultural Tour of Alaska

A cultural tour of Alaska is filled with a rich collage of landscape, history, culture, wildlife, art, Indigenous culture, and more. Travel to Alaska can change a person’s life forever because the memory of the wildlife and the beauty can restore a person’s soul. There are very few places where one can experience the fullness of a place so wild and so beautiful. A cultural tour of Alaska can be directed at seeing the wildlife, or the artwork of the Tlingit, an Indigenous tribe which have a rich tradition of beliefs and beautiful textiles. The Tlingit create ceremonial textiles called “dancing robes” which are intricately woven with long fringes that dance during the movement in ceremony.

Dancing Blanket-(courtesy of the american musem of Natural History) Dancing


Alaska is a spellbinding destination, no matter how widely you’ve traveled. Alaska tours allow you to explore the rugged landscape which is alone a draw for sightseers and those who enjoy outdoor pursuits. Though, the state offers much more including a thriving wildlife population sure to thrill visitors of all ages. You will also experience a rich cultural heritage which provides food for thought, as well as remarkable artistic achievements.


A cultural tour of Alaska can be oriented in any direction of interest. Alaska’s diversity of land, sea, and culture offers a once in a lifetime experience to see the wonders of nature that are gifts to us all. Plan to see Alaska before you die. You’ll be so glad you did. If you are planning¬† a trip to Alaska, you might want to read more about the places and possibilities for travel here.




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