Star Trek, Star Culture?

We rarely consider traveling beyond our own small worlds. In fact, many people are quite content about staying in one place. There are visionaries, however, that extend their ideas beyond this world. Project Icarus is one such visionary plan for travel to a nearby star. Andreas Tziolas¬† has not only envisioned this, he has a blueprint of how we will get there. In a recent article by Ross Anderson, Star Trek might not be so far away. In Anderson’s interview, Tziolas says:

When you’re working on a sensitive document on your computer, the first thing you do is back it up. You make a copy of it, you email it to yourself, you put it in your dropbox, and your flash drive — sometimes all these things at once. Why do we pay this obsessive attention to backing up a document, which we can reproduce, when we pay no attention to backing up our civilization? There is no greater endeavor than ensuring the survival of humankind.


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super nova Nasa

What an interesting way of thinking of the survival of human beings. Can you imagine a culture on the stars? Perhaps cultural travel of the future will include travel to nearby stars. But for now, I’ll just marvel at them in the night sky. Read about the star culture in the full article here.


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