Spain, Salamanca, and Cultural Travel at It’s Best

Spain is a diverse culture filled with so many different people, food, traditions and topography.  It is no wonder that so many extraordinary artists came from Spain, and lived in Spain. Spain, Salamanca, and cultural travel at it’s best is witnessed in the old and new, and Salamanca’s  gem was a University in the 13th century. Writer Fiona Duncan writes a great commentary on Salamanca in the Telegraph, UK.

It’s hard to think of another city that so perfectly combines youthful energy with intellectual pursuit and aesthetic beauty as Salamanca. Its university rivals in historic importance that of Oxford and Bologna and a mix of native Castilians and international students throng the thoroughfares (side streets and squares are mostly delightfully quiet) night and day. As we haltingly translated one of the city’s many unique inscriptions written on walls in red (it used to be done in bulls’ blood), we were helped by a group of four young language students from China, Singapore, Holland and Egypt.

Salamanca’s delights are easy to discover, but there’s only one place to start: the Plaza Mayor – but pray that the sightlines of the vast, harmonious, arcaded space designed by Alberto Churriguera in the 18th century are not obscured by the presence of some temporary fair or exhibition, as they were for us.

Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca, Spain- Photo by


Spain, Salamanca and cultural travel at it’s best is witnessed by experiencing the extreme contrast of old and new, and the awesome beauty of it’s ancient architecture. There is enough here to keep you busy for awhile, and to go back in time when learning, and the establishment of a university was key to a culture’s success. Read the full article in the Telegraph here.


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