South Korea, Yeosu, and a Cultural Traveler’s Feast

South Korea, Yeosu and cultural travel host a traveler’s feast of diverse cultural experiences. South Korea is a place that is on the map in 2012, because it is hosting the next World’s fair in 2012!  Yeosu has 317 islands, and of these, 49 are inhabited. Imagine the warm sea winds, brushing over your skin, with the smell of the sea. Yeosu is a port, with all of the sensory treats of sun, sea, flowers, mountains, and even a tunnel through the mountain. This year’s Expo is themed, “The Living Ocean.”

The theme of the exposition is “The Living Ocean and Coast,” with the goal of demonstrating how humans can live in better harmony with the ocean, not a bad subject if climate change brings its predicted results. Yeosu residents know a thing or two about the sea: Fishing is the main industry. People here snack on dried seaweed like others chomp potato chips. Along the city’s jagged, scenic coastline, elderly ladies are still seen wading through mud to look for crustaceans.

South Korea-Yeosu

South Korea-Yeosu


Whether you are going to the World Expo, or going for a cultural excursion, South Korea is a unique, diverse, and beautiful place. South Korea, and Yeosu, is a cultural traveler’s cultural feast!  It is always a good idea to do some research before traveling to South Korea, and Lonely Planet has a great resource for travel to Yeosu, and South Korea. To read more of the article above, by Steven Borowiec, go here.



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