Singapore’s Lotus Flower Art and Science Museum

Singapore is a cultural traveler’s feast, for it has some of the world’s finest museums, food, and architecture. As an example, last year a new Art and Science museum opened merging the two worlds of science and art. The stunning architecture that houses this museum is shaped like a lotus flower. The structure has a central circular shape and then 10 fingers that are curved in the shape of lotus petals. The architect is Moshe Safdie.

Singapore's Art and Science Museum

Singapore's Art and Science Museum- Photo by William Cho CC-BY-SA


The museum itself houses more than 50,000 square feet of exhibits for visitors to explore, helping them to better understand the connection between art and science.


For the cultural traveler who loves art, and culture, Singapore may be your best bet this year. It is one of the cleanest, most sleek cities in Asia, and the food is outstanding. As you can see from the amazing architecture, Singapore values beauty, culture and art more than most cities can claim. Put this city on your bucket list for future travel. For more reading on this cultural excursion, travel here.


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