Senior Travel to the City of Music

Its time to pack your bags for senior travel to the city of music. Where is the city of music? Vienna, Austria is called the city of music because it is home to a legacy of music that will inspire you to the heavens. As an example, the Vienna Boys Choir is one of the finest Boys Choirs in the world. I could listen to them all day. Vienna is also called the city of dreams because it was the home of Sigmund Freud, who was famous for the interpretation of dreams and psychoanalysis of dreams.Vienna city center is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site, and is full of cultural wonders for senior travel. Just listen to the Vienna Boys Choir on Utube below. It takes a few moments for it to load, but what a treat!!




Opera House Vienna

Opera House Vienna


Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

Museum of Applied Arts Vienna-MAK_Vienna_4.JPG










You can hear the Boys Choirs Choir at the Imperial Palace:

Vienna: Queue up at the Imperial Palace’s Hofburg Chapel Sunday mornings to hear the Vienna Boys’ Choir(standing room free). And in April, May, June, and September, the Vienna State Opera screens live performances on a giant LED screen in the opera house square.


Senior travel is an experience that is amplified by inspiring music and culture. For your next trip, why not try senior travel to the city of music and dreams? Don’t just dream about it, make your plans today. There are lots of special airfares and cruises that can transport you to the city of music. Read a bit more here about Vienna. You may also wish to read about European travel here.




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