Senior Travel on a Dime

My Sister told me about “discounts” for seniors at particular eating establishments in the U.S.  I use them, because I am a senior who always travels on a dime. For those of you who travel across the international dateline and beyond, you need to check out this article in the Frugal traveler. Here is an except about traveling on a dime, and well…..being older:

Activities: Rather than using her vacation dollars to stay at expensive resorts only to lounge by the pool and eat huge meals every night, this traveling granny enjoys putting her talents to use helping others. Many areas of need are in countries where travel costs are quite cheap, enabling you to stay a bit longer. Says Evelyn, “An older adult who has practiced medicine, nursing or engineering all of their working life can bring those precious skills to a volunteer organization like Cross Cultural Solutions or Habitat for Humanity in developing countries around the world.” When asked why she doesn’t choose vacations her peers would consider more age appropriate, Hannon responds, “In travel, age is just a number and not important unless you are cheese.”


As I have mentioned in earlier posts, volunteering is one way to really experience a culture, and to give back at the same time. Senior travel on a dime includes going to distant lands and giving your time and expertise in areas that are much needed.  For your next senior travel extravaganza,  why not give back, and check out cross cultural solutions? Want to read more about being a senior traveling on a dime? Go here to read the full article.


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