Senior Travel, Ilness, Death and Refunds?

We are in a really different time these days. Gone are the days of looking someone in the eye and handing them a paper check, or cash with the understanding that you were dealing with a real human, who considered you the same. Human contact, human decency. I just read an interesting article relevant to senior travel, illness, death and refunds. Having experienced this same dilemma of attempting a refund or attempting to get  “really High” airfares reduced due to death of a loved one, I can really relate to this article in the Overhead Bin at This article is about a man who requested a refund on an airline ticket that he purchases with Spirit Airlines. Here is an excerpt:

Meekins recently purchased an airline ticket from Spirit Airlines to visit his daughter in New Jersey. ”Two weeks after I bought the ticket, I found out I was terminal,” Meekins, a Vietnam veteran, told NBC affiliate WFLA-TV in Tampa, Fla.

Read the original report from WFLA-TV

Meekins says his doctors advised him not to fly. But when he asked Spirit Airlines for a refund, they refused.
cultural travel, illness, death

Cultural Travel, Illness, Death, and Airlines

What more does one need to PROVE that they are not able to fly? Shame on you Spirit Airlines. Perhaps it is time to cross the computer line, and address the REAL customer that is PAYING for you to be in business. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to run the other way rather than book with Spirit Airlines. Spread the word, as the airline that nurtures real humans will ultimately win the prize in travel, in profits, and in HUMAN decency. Senior travel, illness,death and refunds is a real phenomenon. Check the policy before booking with a lame company such as Spirit Airlines. Read the whole article about Meekins here.

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